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Faultlines 2nd ep, telephone philosophies,  available now in all digital stores


Hearts (And Other Things That Break)



already making waves in the los angels scene, this trio was born out of a necessity to provide household entertainment in a custom tailored direct and intimate experience to their fans from their endeavors. though each member has an impressive resume, backing up major label artists on their respective instruments, the combined synergistic effect has been described as an amazing breath of fresh air. Their luscious and raved about three part-harmonies are a metaphor for their workeach with unique strengths, these individuals are able to put there best cards on the table for a royal flush of a musical performance. with musical inspirations ranging from elvis Presley and Michael jackson, to whitney houston and ariana grande, as well as bands like the beatles, maroon 5, and neon trees, faultlines is a mashup of urban pop and roots country. born in late 2014, faultlines is about to release their 2nd Ep. The goal of faultiness: to play everywhere, all of the time, and of course shake up the current state of commercial music.

-Todd Mccool-john flanagan-ashley morgan-


Hearts(And Other Things That Break)

by Faultlines