“2017 was a difficult year for America. Things have gotten ugly,” Songwriter and vocalist John Flanagan said. “A lot of songwriters have chosen to write distracting tomes to better times - and of course we crave escapism - but it’s the job of good creators to also hold up a mirror to society and say ‘Look at what we’re doing; see how hatred is affecting people’.”

It’s in the spirit of Women’s Marches and twenty-first century activism that Faultlines recorded songs like ‘Rain’ and ‘Love is All We Own.’ In search of ways to instigate societal change, the band recently hosted two benefit concerts that raised over $30,000 combined for the ACLU of Southern California and Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles.

“Folk music is the music of the masses.  It’s about people, not just pretty words.  It should say ‘this is how we feel’.” Bittersweet Revival was created simply and anthemic in order to reach all people. “There is hope in people, strength in our numbers, and power in our voices.”  The album offers equal parts optimism and outcry, as 2018 is a year for both.  For Faultlines, at least, Bittersweet Revival transmits the soundtrack to this future.  

Faultlines consists of front members Ashley Morgan and John Flanagan - each bringing their collective years of experience from touring, backing up major label artists, and songwriting to the table. This group’s brand of folk is a mashup of urban pop and roots country. Their signature three-part harmonies fuels their aesthetic of eloquence and beauty that has been reviewed as “talent mixed with voices that simply attract you and pull you to stay quiet and listen to each and every verse and every note.” Faultlines regularly performs at various residencies throughout Southern California and has opened for big names including Christina Perri and Easton Corbin.  


Faultlines aspires to make music that brings to life human emotion with tight folk harmonies that warm like the California sun and lyrics that speak to the gritty, universal inter-human experience.